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 Give New Life to Your Aging Metal Roof

Retrofit Roofing

Celebrating a century of service in 2024

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Benefits of Retrofit Roofing

Metal roofs show their age over time and can require constant maintenance due to expansion and contraction. If your building's metal roof has sustained damage or needs an upgrade, HRR's Five-Step Retrofit Program provides a cost-effective solution.

We begin with a low-cost, no-obligation assessment to help you determine the best solution for your facility's aging roof. Armed with this knowledge, you can then choose to move forward with our Retrofit Program or seek another solution that better meets your needs.

If you choose Holland Ready Roofing for your retrofit, we will install a new roofing membrane on top of your existing roof, keeping you informed about our progress the entire time.

See below for some of the advantages of our Five-Step Retrofit Program:

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Holland Ready Roofing Team

1. Preserve existing roofing

Sometimes, you don't need to replace your whole roof. We install a new roofing membrane right on top of your existing metal roof.

2. Provide better protection

A retrofit reinforces your metal roof and reduces the effects of the expansion and contraction common in metal building materials.

3. Improve energy efficiency

By holding in heat better, retrofit roofing increases R-value (or thermal resistance) in your building. A roof that doesn't conduct heat away from your building reduces your energy costs in the winter.

4. Work in a quieter environment

You probably know how loud your metal roof sounds during a rainstorm. By providing an extra layer of insulation, a retrofit lessens the noise in your workplace, which can contribute to better productivity.

5. Fix your roof with less hassle

By retrofitting a roof instead of replacing it, you get more manageable disposal and less employee downtime during the project.

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