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Holland Ready Roofing Team

Keep the Roof Over Your Head Safe and Dry


Celebrating a century of service in 2024

Holland Ready Roofing specializes in providing reliable solutions for commercial flat roof systems across West Michigan.

With the expertise backed by four generations of experience, Holland Ready Roofing can handle any size roofing project, from 500 to 500,000 square feet. We specialize in the following services for retail, commercial, industrial, and business applications to help keep your workers, customers, and property safe and dry:

  • New roofing system installation

  • Safety hazard remediation

  • Partial roof repair

  • Roofing retrofits

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In addition to our installation, repair, and retrofit services, HRR is equipped to diagnose problem leaks, analyze energy efficiency, and provide simple maintenance to ensure long-term performance. We have the know-how to install and care for your roof, and we use only the best products on the market to provide you with energy savings and peace of mind when it comes to safety and comfort in your workplace.

Roofing Solutions

EPDM Membrane

EPDM Membrane

  • Time-tested reputation: Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber membrane that has been in use for over 50 years.

  • Energy efficiency: Black EPDM membrane reduces winter heating costs in cooler climates by retaining more heat and reflecting less of the sun's energy.

  • Safer roofs: EPDM melts snow, frost, dew, and ice more quickly than a light-colored roof, reducing the risk of damage from snow load and water.

  • Less condensation: EPDM reduces the amount of condensation on a roof, keeping it drier.

  • Durability: EPDM is resistant to UV damage, weathering, and hail damage.

TPO Membrane

  • Durability: TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane is a popular choice in the commercial roofing industry, as it reliably stands up to weather, UV rays, and high temperatures.

  • Energy Efficiency: TPO is highly reflective, reducing cooling costs in warm climates.

  • Long-Term Performance: Thicker membranes of up to 80 mils thick hold up well against weathering, even over a long time in use.

  • Heat & UV Resistance: TPO's thickness withstands high temperatures and UV rays, keeping buildings cool even during hot summers.

  • Style Options: TPO membrane is available in several color options.

TPO Membrane
PVC top

PVC Membrane

  • Long-Term Dependability: Single-ply PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has been a reliable and popular waterproof roofing material since the 1960s.

  • Damage resistance: One of the greatest advantages of PVC is its resistance to chemicals, grease, and fire.

  • Sustainability: PVC roofing membrane increases a building's energy efficiency, and it can be recycled many times over.

  • Heat & UV Resistance: PVC reflects heat and UV light to reduce the cooling load on a building.

  • Simple Repairs: PVC is easy to install and repair, leading to cost savings.

FleeceBACK Membrane

  • Better protection: FleeceBACK is a long-lasting membrane reinforced with fleece to protect against tears, punctures, and severe weather.

  • Wind Resistance: FleeceBACK offers industry-leading performance when it comes to resisting wind and uplift.

  • Energy efficiency: FleeceBACK reinforced membrane lowers energy bills by preventing heat conduction.

  • Quiet Installation: Quiet installation with fewer odors allows for less disturbance in buildings that are in use during installation.

  • RapidLock™ Attachment: The RapidLock™ attachment method available with FleeceBACK uses VELCRO® brand solutions for an adhesive-free installation.

FleeceBACK Roofing System

Custom Fabrication

Our Fabrication Division allows us to solve unique design challenges in-house, working quickly through problems that otherwise have the potential to delay or derail an entire project. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can create customized metal works (including fascias, gutters, downspouts, copings, flashings, soffit, sills, and standing seam trims) on-demand in a variety of finishes and colors.

Holland Ready Roofing Team

Rubber Roof Repair

Rubber roofing materials are made to be durable and last for years. However, even the best roof can be damaged. If your roof does show signs of damage, Holland Ready Roofing has the expertise to repair your roofing system so that it's safe and efficient once again. Even a small leak can cause problems and should be addressed right away. We've been installing and repairing roofs since 1924. Trust HRR to handle all your roofing repairs.

Holland Ready Roofing Team

​​Metal Retrofit

Looking for a solution to an aging metal roof? A retrofit could help you avoid having to replace your roof with a brand new one. Adding a membrane on top of an existing metal roof improves energy efficiency, provides long-term protection and adds insulation.


Learn more about how retrofitting can extend the life of your metal roof...

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